From the beginning, cartoons, comics, and music have always inspired me. Though I’ve never set out to produce art on one particular subject or another, my immediate natural intention is for the holistic view of my environmental influences to come forth. Some have labeled my work portrait based, but I like to consider myself a multi-disciplined artist. Though I work quite consciously, and elaborately with my portrait art, I can also alter my style and produce more exaggerated caricature style work. I’m a big fan of graffiti, and like to draw inspiration from graffiti in my design work. As a child, art was a form of escape for me, but now I produce simply for the pleasure of seeing how far I can broaden my gift. I like to learn, and I like to become versed in all forms and varieties of art, and this is my plenary reasoning for producing.

CONTACT: | @Rigel_Art | Gemini | 25 | Akron x Africa x Universal | Artist | Warrior | Scholar | All images & text © 1988-2013 & Beyond Darnell Chambers | 330.510.7433

naturalcrownofglory asked:

You are a talented man. Love your artwork

Rigel Chambers answered:

thank you!

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NAF Keen STD (Something To Do)
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NAF Keen South Side
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